Dining Playbook’s Favorite Spots for Burgers

Last week we filled you in on where to get the plant-based burgers in Boston. But we’re hear for all the meat eaters too. Today we’re sharing some of Dining Playbook’s favorite burger spots, ranging from the classics you know best, to some unique burgers we’ve found along the way. 


Banners Kitchen + Tap 

When you can’t actually make it to a game, Banners Kitchen + Tap is the best way to watch Boston sports. The restaurant is home to the 40 foot “Dream Screen” – the biggest in-restaurant LED TV screen on the East Coast. Banners offers a few pretty fantastic options to get your burger fix and we’re here for basically all of them. The signature Banners Burger is a sirloin, short rib, and brisket patty topped with cheddar, smoked bacon, tomato-jalapeno jam, and frizzled onions. For those who really love burgers, or just have a hefty appetite, go for the Double Stack — a double beef burger with double American cheese, Banners’ special sauce, sauteed onions, bread & butter pickles, and iceberg slaw. Wash it all down with one (or two!) of their 60 different draft beer options. 


Cask ‘n Flagon 

If you’re over in Fenway grabbing dinner before a game, head to one of our faves, Cask ‘n Flagon. Since you’re in Fenway, it’s only appropriate that you order the Fenway Burger, a half pound Angus Beef burger topped with applewood smoked bacon, onion strings, and Vermont Cheddar Cheese. We also love the their signature Cask Burger, a hefty burger topped with pork belly, Vermont cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, and a fried egg. 


Craigie Burger at Time Out Market 

We know you’re fully aware that people line up outside Craigie on Main for their burgers. And for good reason. But the good news is that their new location, Craigie Burger, at Timeout Market, might make a bit easier to get your burger fix. Tony Maw’s signature burger is a classic take featuring Northeast Family Farms beef, sharp cheddar, and signature Craigie ketchup. New variations at Timeout Market include toppings like kimchi Russian dressing, burnt bread steak sauce, and charred umami onions. And if you’re ready to go big or go home, order the chili fries. The chili is made with stout, coffee, and four chiles, and will certainly fill you right up.


Boston Burger Company

With locations in Somerville, Boston, Cambridge, and now Salem, the BBC has really taken over the Boston burger scene. But it’s more than just having great burgers. It’s having a ton of options, and over-the-top ones to say the least. The menu boasts over 30 different burgers, ranging from the classic All American Burger (american cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, creamy blue cheese, lettuce, tomato) to extreme hits like The Killer Bee (a stack of beer-battered onion rings, bacon, honey bbq sauce, American cheese), both of which are served on local rolls made by Piantedosi Baking Company. Your most difficult option will be choosing which one to devour, but our pro tip is to do yourself a favor and ask for extra napkins. 



For those who want something much different than a classic burger, Shōjō is your best bet. The Shojonator, their totally out-of-the-box burger, sits on a steamed bun and is topped with smoked bacon and “kimcheese”. Apparently it was inspired by Wendy’s Baconator burger, but we’ll certainly opt for this elevated version. Want to beef it up? (Pun intended.) Add a fried egg and just go all out.


The Gallows 

For those who do really appreciate a classic burger, The Gallows offers up one of the best #basic burgers in town. But really, it’s perfect, and mostly because the flat patty style burger is made of a blend of chuck, brist, and short rib. Our favorite is the Pub Burger topped with bacon pub cheese, lettuce, pickles, and a caramelized onion aioli. For something a bit more jazzed up, try The Possible Burger, topped with American and cheddar cheese, bacon jam, crispy onion strings, house bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Feeling super hungry? Order a side of pizza fries for the ultimate cheat meal.



When most people think of Bronwyn, they think of bratwurst, schnitzel, and perogies. But burgers too? Definitely. This German-style restaurant and bar features a darn good burger called The Bronburger. The patty is a mix of local beef & pork belly that’s topped with “haus” bacon, comté cheese, sauerkraut, gurken, ketchup, and mustard all served on a pretzel bun. Top if off with a fried egg if you dare, and make sure to order a brew from Bronwyn’s mile-long beer list.