Sweetgreen’s mission… connect people to real food. To answer the call for those looking for a fresh and nutritious meal.

The team cares about where your food comes from and where it was grown. All ingredients are sourced from local farms, providing the consumer with the highest quality standard of food.

Every day, across ninety restaurants, over four thousand team members make each bowl from scratch, using the fresh produce delivered that same morning.

Hands down one of the most popular bowl at all Sweetgreen locations is the Harvest Bowl. The Kale base is paired with organic wild rice, and topped with apples, sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, local goat cheese, toasted almonds and a balsamic vinaigrette to finish.

The Curry Chickpea Bowl is packed with protein and gives you a bit of an exotic taste. The spinach and quinoa base is mixed with cilantro, carrots, cabbage, chickpeas, roasted chicken, almonds, and raisins, and is topped with a curry yogurt dressing.

For those looking for something a little lighter, we suggest a traditional salad, like the Hummus Tahina. This vegetarian bowl is based with kale and romaine, and paired with tomatoes, onions, cucumber, feta cheese, housemade hummus, a delicious cucumber tahini yogurt dressing and is topped with some breadcrumbs for a little bit of crunch.

Sweetgreen’s strong food ethos has enabled them to help build healthier communities and connect people to their food. Needless to say, they’re definitely JJ approved.

Locations span across the country, so for the closest one near you, go to Sweetgreen dot com slash locations, or find them on Instagram at Sweetgreen.