All the Pasta! 5 Places Where We’ve Had Fantastic Dishes

Over in Chestnut Hill you’ll find Chef Ronsky’s, a place that builds each dish around the traditions of Italian cuisine. At this cozy spot we tried several pasta dishes, including the Pasta Sciue Sciue, a very simple dish made to order. It’s simplicity at it’s best, made with fresh garlic, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and San Marzano tomatoes. We also loved the fettuccini with braised duck and prunes.
Our recent event at Evviva Trattoria was a great success. Several local Boston influencers joined us for a meal at Evviva’s newest location in Wrentham. Their two other spots are in Westford and Marlborough. The foodies enjoyed a variety of dishes, and there was no shortage of pasta. A favorite on the menu was the Frutti di Mari with linguine, clams, shrimp, lobster, and mussels. Another great option to try is the orecchiette with Bianco & Son’s sausage, broccolini, lemon, red pepper flakes, parmigiano, and a white wine reduction.
During our visit to The Whitney, we dined at the hotel’s restaurant, Peregrine. Brought to us by the same owners of Juliet in Somerville, Peregrine focuses on seasonally-driven, Mediterranean flavors. Our favorite dish was the Black Pepper & Truffle Tagliatelle al Vongole made with clams, pork, breadcrumbs, truffled cheese, and chili oil. Another highlight is their Pappardelle with braised chicken, pistachio, Brussels sprouts, Cloumage cheese, and breadcrumbs. Peregrine’s selections rotate regularly, with 2-3 options available per day so check back often for more delicious dishes.
If you haven’t yet been to this Back Bay hot spot, get right on it. It’s part cafe, part Parisian brasserie, both parts delicious. At Rochambeau we enjoyed the lobster cavatelli, an interesting take that was topped with a sunny-side-up egg. A dish not to miss is the scallop carbonara with uni, pancetta, and bucatini pasta. For a classic dish, try the rigatoni bolognese with basil and parmesan. Bonus: both pasta dishes can be made gluten free.
Drop a comment on where we should try next!