Late Night Menus for All You Night Owls

PC: Emily Hagen

We get it. Not everyone eats at 7pm . Or 6. Or even 8. Whether you’re a night owl who likes to eat on the later side, or you find yourself getting hunger pains after a night out on the town, there are plenty of options where you can get some great late-night food.


Little Donkey

Little Donkey just announced their new “Donkey After Dark” menu for when hunger strikes well after dinner. The menu will be available for just an hour (11pm-12am) and includes dishes like kimchi hot dogs, drunken noodles, ramen, and everyone’s favorite dessert — cookie dough. 


Eastern Standard

There’s nothing standard about ES’s late night menu. Honestly it’s as great as their regular dinner menu. From the raw bar, choose from oysters and jumbo cocktail shrimp. From the “Standards”, there’s everything from steak tartare, charcuterie, the burger, and mac & cheese. Late night craving for dessert? Order their creme brulee or bread pudding to satisfy that sweet tooth. 


The Automatic

The Automatic’s late-night menu is pretty darn solid. The wildest item on the menu is hteir Frito Pie  From hell, with chips slathered with chili, cheese, and hot sauce. They’re also well known for their Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich topped with gochujang, kimchi, and cilantro. But after a few beers you really can’t go wrong with their Funky Fries with togarashi, nori, and kewpie mayo.


Russell House Tavern

For the random occasion you get a hankering for oysters late night, Russell House has you covered. After 11pm, all oysters are just a buck. Yup, a buck to shuck. In addition, their regular tavern menu is available til 12AM on weeknights and 1AM on the weekend. 



In case you’ve somehow missed the mile-long line outside Uni on a Friday night, you guessed it – late night ramen. From 10:30pm-1am on Fridays and Saturdays, get your fill of ramen, rolls, pork buns, and shishito peppers. It’s a simple menu, but it’s sure to hit the spot.


Bova’s Bakery

Sweet tooth friends, rejoice. Bova’s Bakery is not only open late night, it’s basically open all night. 24 hours a day that is. Feast your heart out on all the cookies, cannolis, and cakes you could dream of. Or just go ham on a lobster tail, because why wouldn’t you?