5 Places to Get a Warm Cocktail this Winter

Hot Buttered Rum at Moona

You can wear all the flannel, wool socks, and vests you want. It’s still cold as heck out there. Ready to warm up with a hot cocktail? We sure are. Check out a few of these restaurants serving up a drink that’ll ease that winter chill. 



We recently visited Moona to try their Hot Buttered Rum and it did not disappoint. First, they take butter and mix it with a blend of cinnamon, clove, allspice, and vanilla. Then they add demerara sugar and a little tahini for a nutty flavor. In a glass, Moona adds rum and hot water, then stirs in the buttery mixture. It’s topped with grated nutmeg and star anise for the final touch.


Eastern Standard

Over at the Eastern Standard, sip on their Golden Express cocktail. This beverage is for the adventurous drinker and is a mix of Del Maguey mezcal, Ketel Oranje, turmeric, cardamon, and steamed coconut milk. 


The Independent

We love a good Hot Toddy in the winter, and you can get yours at The Independent in Somerville. Their version is made with Canadian whisky, allspice dram, ginger honey, and lemon. Sounds like a great way to soothe a cold too. 


State Park

For something super interesting, head to State Park in Kendall Square. Their Big Delta cocktail is a super fun mix of hot buttered swedish punsch, salted butter, and orange. And no, that “punsch” isn’t a typo. Fun fact: punsch refers to a specific type of alcoholic liqueur and punch popular in Sweden and Finland.



You know and love Yvonne’s for their interesting cocktails, and their Antoinette is certainly one to catch this winter. This stiff drink is made of scotch, chamomile, italicus, aperol, and honey. It’s savory, floral, spicy, and fruity.