Tastiest Baked Goods in Greater Boston

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll at Twist Bakery

Whether you’ve got a major sweet tooth or just like enjoying a sweet treat on the weekend or #cheatday, a fresh baked good will always hit the spot. We’re fortunate to have a ton of really great bakeries in Boston and beyond, and today we’re sharing where to get some of our favorite baked goods. 


Flour Bakery

Flour’s sticky bun is basically famous at this point. This hefty treat is made with dark, sticky caramel and toasted pecans.  Aside from the fact that it’s massive, it’s downright decadent. The rich caramel paired with the toasted pecans makes for a sweet & salty heaven. In addition to Flour’s sticky buns, other fan favorites are their banana bread and chocolate chip cookies.


Twist Bakery 

Twist Bakery’s philosophy is to make baked goods that are always gluten free, nut free, and peanut free. They never use any artificial flavors, corn syrup, or hydrogenated fats. Twist is a great option for those with allergies or dietary restrictions, and let’s just say, their treats do not disappoint. We recently visited and tried their amazing Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll, and trust us, you’ve never had a roll quite like this before. Check out our show this Saturday, January 18th for a peek! 



You’ve likely seen them all over Instagram. Those crazy, delicious stuffed croissants, that is. Ripping one of these cream filling-stuffed babies apart feels a little savage but it’s so worth it. The most popular one we see on the ‘gram is the Fruity Pebbles flavor that literally oozes with cream filling. Other fun flavors include Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, Valrhona Chocolate, and Boston Cream Pie. 


Union Square Doughnuts

The world seems to go crazy for doughnuts, and Union Square has quite an assortment of flavors. Of course they’ve got classic options like Honey Glazed, Boston Cream, and Raspberry Jam. But they’re more known for their crazier flavors like Maple Bacon, Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch, and Vietnamese Coffee. But their Sea Salted Bourbon Caramel is the star of the show here. It may just be the sweetest breakfast treat you’ll ever have, but hey, it’s worth it. 


Clear Flour Bakery

Clear Flour Bakery is a charming little bakery serving up European-inspired baked goods. They specialize in loaves and pastries, all made from organic flour. Their light and flaky croissants are quite popular, and special options include a Gruyere, pretzel, chocolate, and almond. Looking for a fantastic sourdough? Clear Flour’s loaf is irresistible. Don’t leave without trying a couple of treats or else you’ll likely be back sooner than you’d think.



For those of you who love a classic chocolate chip cookie, add Blunch to your foodie bucket list. Dare we say that this little South End cafe bakes the best chocolate chip cookie in Boston? The cookie is the perfect amount of soft, crunchy, and chewy with a great chocolate to cookie ratio. It’s perfectly round with a beautiful golden color, and just the right size. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch, or blunch, the chocolate chip cookie is a must.