Lots of Fried Chicken at Pollo Club in Waltham

Waltham’s Restaurant Row just got a lot more fried.

The team behind Moody’s Deli and Backroom recently opened The Pollo (pronounced in Spanish) Club and the fried chicken sure is flowing.

As you can see, this whole place was built around art. The minute you walk into the doors, it’s a very transformative space. It’s small, it’s cozy, it’s hip, yet it has some of the best fried chicken that Boston has to offer.

The art, the music, and the vibe is bold. Local artist Sam Malpass received the space as a blank canvas and was given complete creative freedom. The team then designed the restaurant after the mural, bringing in everything from the light fixtures to the bar paint, to match.

The menu was designed to cater to all guests – not just the meat eaters.

One of my favorite dishes on the menu is a salad, it’s a broccoli slaw topped off with goat cheese fritters as well as a little touch of ginger so it has a really great flavor, very fresh, very vibrant. It’s been very very well received since we’ve opened.

The Halloumi Sandwich is another popular Vegetarian option. The Fried Farmers Cheese is topped with Mango Chutney and Minted Cabbage – a perfect pairing.

And if you are a fowl-fare lover, the fried chicken offered here is some of the best you’ll see in the state. There are several different sauce pairings, so the spicy lovers can get their fix with the “Hot AF” flavor, and the sweet lovers can enjoy something more mellow like the Honey Mustard.

Obviously there’s no fried chicken without a classic mac and cheese. Our mac is creamy, we use gruyere cheese. It’s rich, it’s flavorful, and finished with a little kick to it with peppers on top. It really enhances the flavor and also it’s a great addition to the pollo club menu.

And of course, no meal is complete without a cocktail. The goal with the drink menu here is to take you out of your comfort zone and give you something unique that you’ve never tried before – like the Runaway Spritz, complete with house made Daiquiri Bears.

I truly believe that what we have to offer here today is something very rare, and I don’t think anyone has ever touched in Boston.

So take our advice and run, don’t walk, to get your fried chicken fix today. Located at Four-Fifty-Six Moody Street and online at PolloClubWaltham.com.

  • Pollo Club
  • 456 Moody St,
  • Waltham,MA 02453
  • T: 781-693-9191