Decadent Hot Chocolates to Try in Boston this Winter

We New Englanders are crazy enough to drink iced coffee year-round, but there’s something truly special about a hot chocolate on a wintry day. With the holidays right around the corner, all the cozy feelings have certainly kicked in. And a cup of hot cocoa is a delicious way to remind us to slow down during the busiest season of the year. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite spots to grab a hot chocolate, with a mix of classic, decadent, and some pretty interesting options tossed in.

L.A. Burdick 


It’s only natural to assume that a chocolatier would have some of the best hot cocoa in town, right? Right! With two locations in the Back Bay and Harvard Square, here’s where you’ll find one of the most gourmet options around. We’re huge fans of this hot chocolate for the fact that you can order it with either their dark, milk, or even white chocolate blends. Now we’re talking. And we’re sipping.


Caffé Vittoria


Tucked right in the North End on Hanover Street, here’s where you’ll enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with a slice of tiramisu. No complaints there, right? Caffe Vittoria’s version is rich, but not overwhelmingly sweet. And some may just call that perfect.


Max Brenner


It should come as no surprise that Max Brenner made our  list. It’s here that you’re basically living the chocolate dream. But part of what makes their hot chocolate a standout is the cup it’s served in. The mug’s curved shape is made perfectly to be hugged in both hands. How cozy does that sound? And there isn’t just one, but ten hot chocolate options. Choose from classic versions like Belgian Chocolate and Marshmallow to wild creations like Peanut Butter, Oreo, and Salted Caramel. Might want to order a few.


MET Back Bay



Did someone say Hot Chocolate Flight? We just did, and yes you can. Known as “The Hot Chocolate Experience”, MET Back Bay offers a quartet of some pretty interesting flavors. Alongside a classic chocolate, you’ll get spiced Mexican hot chocolate, dulce de leche, and peppermint. Trust us, it’ll be hard to choose a favorite. By the way, boozy options are available for those of age. Ever had a hot chocolate with peppermint vodka? Go right ahead.




Dairy-free? We’ve got your back. FoMu proudly serves a vegan hot chocolate that’s just as delicious as the ice cream they’re known for. Stop in for a cup when you need a pick-me-up, or, as FoMu calls it, “the best hand warmer on the market.”

If you’ve made it through this list without rushing out the door to one of these spots, we’re impressed. But if you’re on your way over now…we might just meet you there.