Thirty-eight years ago Milk Street Café opened their doors as a Vegetarian eatery. Since then, they’ve changed the menu to include meat, sushi, and corporate catering.

We opened a separate kitchen in order to do corporate catering starting in 1989 and we were hoping it would enhance our café business, but in the end it grew so much each and every year that now we are a corporate catering company, that happens to have a café.

Catering options range from hefty wraps, to skewers, to the fan favorite – sushi platters.

We do on average 100 catering orders a day. We have 12 of our own vans that go to all parts of greater Boston each and every day to deliver to the best universities, institutions and companies in town.

If you live or work in Boston, pop into the Café to try some of their delicious on the go meals. Popular options include the Bon Mi Burger, stuffed Zucchini boats, and Meatball Subs made with lamb.

If you’re here downtown, please come by and enjoy us here in the café, if you can’t we are happy to bring you a beautiful buffet of delicious food for your next conference or meeting, and you can take Milk Street wherever you are.

You can find them at Fifty Milk Street in Boston and to place your catering orders, just go to MilkStreetCafé.com.


Wegmans makes everything easy, and their catering services are no exception.

There are a variety of seasonal options and all of their offerings are ready to serve for you and your party.

This is one of our complete menus called the grazing party.
We’ll start with our wegmans favorites for entertaining tray, we have meats and cheeses here, we have our organic shrimp, and then we have our crudité vegetable platter, and then we move to our tandoori chicken sautees, along with our organic steamed dumplings, and then we have our thinly sliced choice tenderloin. We have our desserts here, cannolis, etc. and then a wide variety of wine selections.

For your convenience, the Wegmans team will pick specific wines that will pair perfectly for your catering needs.

If you’re planning a brunch, we have an amazing complete menu called the Celebration Brunch. We have our sliced fruit tray, petite pastry tray, coffee cake, pita wedge platter, sliced wrap tray, and our organic berry blast salad, along with our different wines that you can pair with your brunch as well.

And don’t forget dessert. Wegmans selections of pies, tarts and cakes are delicious, and completely customizeable.

We’re very excited for the holiday season, we know it’s a busy time of year, but wegmans is here to make great meals easy for you and your families.

Visit the catering desk at your local Wegmans or give them a call and place your catering order today. You can find them online at