The biscuits … world famous.
The portions … colossal.
The meal … absolute bliss.

Sweet Cheeks Q in Fenway is Tiffani Faison’s baby, and is a must visit for some of the city’s best barbecue.

The five thousand pound smoker is constantly turning out wood fired classics. From the pork to the brisket, your meal is authentically Southern as you can get.

The pork belly is one of my favorites it’s the longest processes, smokes for about 12 hours, brine them, smoke them, crispy skin, super tender, juicy, with all the curing and the brining, it’s the perfect amount of seasoning and salt, it’s the perfect ingredient.

The Farm Salad is a staple on our menu, and is a perfect balance to these meats.

Sweet Cheeks is the best bbq because of the love in here. Everything is handmade, hand crafted, the people. It feels as though you’re eating at a friends house, you can feel it all the way through.

When you’re looking for your Southern-style BBQ fix, Sweet Cheeks Q should be at the top of your list. Located at Thirteen Eighty-One Boylston Street and online at Sweet Cheeks Q dot com.


Boston’s Baseball season may be over, but Cask ‘n Flagon season never is.

With the colder months coming up sooner rather than later, fill yourself up with some hearty, scratch-made barbecue.

The smokers at both locations are constantly turning out true Texas-style classics, like fall off the bone ribs, and tender, juicy brisket.

All of the rubs and sauces are made in-house daily by Chef Jimmy and his team. The meats are first coated with mustard and a blend of dry seasonings, and then injected with a house-made sauce to marinate the meat from the inside. A lot of love goes into these barbecue dishes, and it certainly shows on the plate.

The Tri-Tip Sandwich is packed with onion strings, lettuce, tomato, and melted cheese for the perfect topper.

You know the saying go big or go home… well go big with the Tailgate Platter. With your choice of ribs, brisket, chicken, and more, you’ll never go hungry.

So when you’re feeling like you want to get your barbecue on, make sure to head to the Cask, located across from Fenway in Boston and right off Route Three in Marshfield.


This is a BBQ restaurant, so we are dealing with meat every minute of the day.

All of our meat is smoked here at the restaurant. For long periods of time until the meat is juicy and succulent.

This is a St. Louis rib that we cut to make them absolutely perfect. This is Brendan’s rib rub, it’s our secret rib rub. Chilis, spices, seasoning, and a few secret ingredients. So what we do is we rub it nice and evenly, flip it over, and rub the top. Then we glaze them with our winning sauce, a little more rub, and serve them nice and hot. It wouldn’t be complete without some awesome sides. These we served with Brussels sprouts, and our sweet and spicy coleslaw.

To me, brisket is the best thing to have at a BBQ restaurant. Cooking great brisket is what we do.

These are our briskets, and this is enough for one day. We process and smoke these for about 16 hours. Slow, nice and tender, makes it juicy, perfect brisket. 18 hours later this is what a perfect brisket looks like, look at that perfect jiggle right there. To plate, I cut down this way… look at this beautiful smoke ring, it’s jiggly which means it’s really tender, and we’re ready to plate it. Texas toast, macaroni, we’re ready to serve this.

I believe bbq is traditional. And for us we like to take those traditions, cook those traditions, and give it a little bit of our city twist.