Zuma Boston

Towering over the skyline of Boston is the brand new Four Seasons One Dalton and its accompanying Japanese restaurant, Zuma.

Opening with the four seasons has been an amazing partnership. We’re very fortunate to be a part of this brand and this iconic building in the back bay of Boston. It’s great to be part of such a big project in Boston and becoming part of a big hospitality and food and beverage scene in Boston.

Zuma is a high energy, luxurious restaurant that provides a lot of room for discovery. With three distinct kitchens, the space lends itself to a lot of movement and creativity.

The menu is influenced through an izakaya style of dining, where you have similar to tapas, dishes are brought to the table in a continuous flow of food and meant to be shared.

At the Sushi Counter you’ll find all of your classic favorites, mahi, sashimi, and more.

Our favorite is the Yellowtail Sashimi, which comes with green chili relish, pickled garlic on top, and a Ponzu sauce. You can find this one on all Zuma menus worldwide.

The Robata Grill turns out all of the grilled meats, seafoods, vegetables and skewers.

The table will love the Spicy Beef Tenderloin. Two four ounce Filet Mignons are served with a sweet chili soy sauce and come to the table pre-sliced, so everyone at the table can enjoy with their chopsticks.

Zuma Boston is the first and only Zuma to have the principle kitchen on full display as an open kitchen.

Having an open kitchen adds a little more movement to the room, gives a little bit more entertainment for our guests, allows them to interact with the chefs and see what they’re preparing right in front of their eyes.

From here you’ll find so many signature dishes, like the Tuna Tataki, Avocado and Aspagaus salad, and the Fried Tofu.

Our bar scene is very vibrant. It’s a great place to stop by for a drink, light bite, or even on a first date. It’s a great introduction to zuma and we actually encourage all of our guests to experience the bar even before dining in the restaurant.

So whether you’re coming for an overnight or just want to experience a luxurious Izakaya (is-ah-ki-ah) tradition, Zuma is a must-visit. Located on the second floor in the Four Seasons One Dalton and online at Zuma Restaurant dot com.

  • Zuma
  • 2nd Floor Four Seasons Hotel, 1 Dalton St,
  • Boston,MA 02115
  • T: 857-449-2500