Talulla in Cambridge

You’ll instantly be greeted with a sense of warmth when you step foot into this beautiful, quaint Cambridge spot. Photos of namesake Talulla adorn the brick walls, and beautiful flowers cover the twelve intimate tables.

We want it to be a place that you feel comfortable coming, where you feel like you can come all the time. Feel like you’re at home kind of, but in a little bit more of an elevated setting. Just a place where you want to be and you want to enjoy the luxuriousness of it.

From the dishes they serve, to the wine they pour, everything about Talulla is personal for Conor and Danielle.

The first and foremost thing about our menu is that we want it to be seasonal, we want it to be representative of all the places that we’ve traveled, people we’ve met along the way, wines that we’ve had. So we want it to be kind of a culmination of our journeys to this particular time and place, right now.

There’s not one particular style of cuisine that the menu focuses on, so everyone can enjoy their favorite dish.

The seasonal bass dish really accentuates the flavors of the sea. Laying on top of clams and sea beans, the bass is dressed with a lobster based sauce loaded with ginger.

The Aniglotti specifically is from Piedmont, Italy. We do ours with braised veal, parsnip, and roasted spinach puree. We want to accentuate that earthiness, that sweetness, that comes along with food in the early spring.

Wagyu is the featured beef of the season here at Talulla. Paired with ramps, a seasonal onion, as well as pearl onions and an onion puree with a hazelnut romesco. This local dish has a light Spanish influence for a little flair.

As a certified Sommelier, Danielle hand selects all of the featured wines. The list focuses on brands from countries and vineyards that Conor and Danielle have visited, and that pair well with that seasons dishes.

We just feel really lucky to have our own restaurant in this space, in this neighborhood with such great people and other businesses around.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening, or just want to enjoy a nice glass of wine and an exquisite meal, Talulla is the place for you.

Located at Three Seventy-Seven Walden Street and online at Talulla Cambridge dot com.

  • Talulla
  • 377 Walden St,
  • Cambridge,MA 02138
  • T: 617-714-5584