Lion’s Tail

We sent @TwoHungryBostonians to Lion’s Tail in the South End. She ate and drank her way around the menu. See what she had below!

Lion’s Tail in the South End lures you in with its mysterious speak-easy vibe. There are no signs for this restaurant – just a lion’s head door knocker on a classic heavy wooden door. The inside features a long curved bar, pin cushion seats, and classic chandeliers for an old fashioned, yet sleek and tasteful theme. Get ready to be transported to a different world as you enter Lion’s Tail.

The lounge is known for their unique beverage experience – the bar has an impressive selection of cocktails, wines, and liquors, but what sets them apart is the careful preparation and detail that goes into these drinks. The ice cubes are imported and cut daily by hand for that extra aesthetic and longer lasting chill. When you order “The Fizz”, the egg white is shaken to perfection to a silky, almost creamy texture while still remaining light and crisp. The drink is poured into a glass with a rosemary garnish, which the bartender roasts in front of you, filling the entire lounge with a nostalgic fragrance.

While drinks are their specialty, the food is also comparably delicious. Chef Diego Orsono has an eye for detail as well – the lounge serves small plates such as the Mac n Cheese Arrancini as well as main courses.

The Grilled Spanish Octopus takes you by surprise – seared and crisp on the outside, tender and white on the inside, cut only by the fresh lemon squeezed onto its hot tentacles. It reminds you why New England is known for its seafood.

The main attraction, however, has to be the Lion’s Tail Burger. Rich brown on the outside, soft pink on the inside, the Lion’s Tail Burger is a ball of top-quality, butter soft meat oozing with house made toppings and sauces and sandwiched between lightly-toasted buns. It’s hard to eat elegantly when the juices run with every bite, but it feels like a field day in your mouth!

You won’t want to miss the Lion’s Tail experience!

  • Lion's Tail
  • 354 Harrison Ave
  • Boston,MA 02118
  • T: 857-239-9276