Dining Playbook: Where They Ate Episode 11

NESN’s new show, Dining Playbook with Billy and Jenny, features two of America’s favorite pastimes: food and sports. Emmy Award winning Billy Costa and Jenny Johnson will be cooking with your favorite athletes and showcasing the places to go before, during and after the game.

Five For Five

Each week a professional athlete shares his five favorite restaurants. This week features Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield.


1.) The Snug is an Irish pub in historic Hingham Square that Tim Wakefield loves to visit – they’ve got live music, a great bar, and they’ve perfected the perfect Guinness pour!

The Snug 116 North St, Hingham MA (781) 749-9774 www.snugpub.com

2.) McGreevy’s happens to be the go-to choice for Wakefield when he’s looking for a night out with the guys – and his drink of choice is a Macallan 12 on the rocks.

McGreevy’s 977 Boylston St, Boston MA (617) 262-0911 www.mcgreevysboston.com

3.) Burton’s Grill has plenty of locations on the east coast, but Tim’s choice is their Hingham spot, and his sandwich is the California Chicken Sandwich – with a diet coke.

Burton’s Grill 94 Derby St, Hingham MA (781) 749-1007 www.burtonsgrill.com

4.) Belmont Country Club is the host of the first annual Red Sox Foundation Golf Tournament. Tim Wakefield is the honorary chairman of the Foundation and the host of the event at this beautiful golf course.

Belmont Country Club 181 Winter St, Belmont MA (617) 484-5360 www.belmontcc.org

*Red Sox Foundation For more information visit www.redsoxfoundation.org

5.) Turner’s Yard in Pembroke is where you’re likely to find Tim Wakefield, and he’ll be eating the sandwich named after him – the Knuckleballer!

Turner’s Yard 615 Washington St, Pembroke MA (781) 826-2532 www.turnersyard.com


Tasty Burger Fenway

Billy and Jenny chat with the executive chef and owner, Brian Reyelt, about being the official Burger of Fenway, their new location plans, and the All the Way Challenge – including how Jenny did when she tried to finish it!

*Tasty Burger Fenway 1301 Boylston St, Boston MA (617) 425-4444 www.tastyburger.com


Shape Up!: Billy and Jenny head to Somerville, MA to Brooklyn Boulders Somerville and so Jenny can enjoy one of her favorite pastimes – rock climbing! Billy’s on the belay, which he’s never done before, as Jenny climbs 40+ feet.

*Brooklyn Boulders Somerville 12A Tyler St, Somerville MA (617) 623-6700 www.bkbsomerville.com


Training Camp: Billy and Jenny are joined by the Mad Fisherman himself, Charlie Moore. The recipe’s a little messy, but when all is said and done Charlie’s lamb lollypops are fantastic.

*To take classes at the BCAE – go to www.bcae.org


Restaurant Review: This week it was Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH.

We check out Salem New Hampshire’s Tuscan Kitchen. A true artisan Italian experience, this complex of a restaurant offers a huge and delicious menu – we check out the pan seared scallops and their signature filet mignon.

*Tuscan Kitchen 67 Main Street, Salem NH (603) 952-4875 www.tuscanbrands.com